Jul 26, 2008

Interview Questions

One of my friend had been to interview with one of the MNC company. I listed the interview questions asked which helps you all to revise your skills.

1.What are the FSMO roles ?
Forest Wide - Schema Master, Domain Naming Master
Domain Wide - RID Master, Infrastructure Master, PDC Emulater

2.Which role plays the vital role?
PDC Emulater

3.Why domain time synchronization require?
Time synchronizaiton is used to ensure the security of Kerberos authentication within the AD environtment. It prevent replay attacks where tickets presented to Domain controllers bye clients are time stamped. The authenticating DC checks to ensure the timestamp is unique and falls within an allowable skew before accepting the ticket and authenticating the client. Both the client and DC clocks should be synchrronized within the allowable skey which makes the system to work properly.

4.What is KCC?
KCC is a special Active Directory Component which generates a topology both for intrasite and intersite replication.

5.In global catalogue server which role will not work?

The infrastructure master’s job is to update crossdomain
references, and it does so by looking for references it does not itself possess.
Because a GC contains a reference to every object in the entire forest, the infrastructure
master will never be without a reference, and will therefore fail to perform its job

6.What is the difference between IIS 5.0 and IIS 6.0 ?

7.What is MTA?
MTA is software agent or computer program that transfers the electronic mail message from one computer to the another computer.

8.What is the role of Application pool in IIS server?
The application pool provides you the way of isolating web sites from each other even though they are being hosted on a common server. Own set of server resources given to each application pool. If web site crashes, it wont effects sites in the other application pools.

9.What is the Event ID no. for abnormal shut down ?

10. How to make coomunicate between difference subnets in DHCP server?
11.How many types of Host records are there?
12.What you need to create alias ?
13.What is Dhcp relay agent and How to configure it?
14.What is the different types of groups in active directory?
15.Which domain component takes care of replication?
16.What is smart host?