Aug 28, 2008

Bangalore IT Pro

I would like to give a introduce a user group in bangalore called "Bangalore IT Pro" which is actively conducting sessions on new technologies and products. There are 1500+ users in the group and they are conducting sessions once in a every month. I would be updating all the events in the blog in future.

You can join in the group here

Our objectives:

Provide platform for informal interaction between IT Pros of Different companies
Provide a forum where IT Pros can voice their concerns and be heard
Get the work done by IT Professionals recognized by internal stakeholders like developers, CIOs, management.
Make critical information available to the IT Pro as soon as it becomes available
Provide resources for technical readiness in form of expert sessions, hands on labs, product demos, training material
Generate User Group member specific “benefits” from industry sources
Share “Best Practices” for IT Pros

What will we be doing?

Hold sessions on topics of interest to IT Pros - latest technology and Best Practices
Provide answers to the questions asked online
Hold hands on labs for Security, Active Directory, Exchange Server, SQL Server, ISA Server etc.
Get discounts on specific products, get free trial version of software, participate in beta program and other freebies from industry sources
Enable friendship between people by group activities so that exchange of ideas can take place

Who are IT Pros?

People who deal day to day with and/or are enthusiasts for:

Windows Client (XP)
Windows Server – 2000/2003 ,Active Directory
Exchange Server
ISA Server
Sharepoint Portal Server
MS Office Suite of products
SQL Server
MOM Server